Here's a bit about me:

I'm an Ottawa based painter and former comic book artist. In my younger days I spent more than a few summers planting trees and busting my fingernails under the big skies and open clear cuts of northern Ontario. That time spent lost down the endless logging roads has firmly embedded the great emptiness of the Canadian landscape into my psyche and forms a backdrop for much of my art.

During my 20s I bounced around from one institution to another before finally receiving a B.Sc. in Computer Science in 1999 from Dalhousie University. During that time I published several comic books, graphic novels and short stories, and won a Xeric Grant in 1999 for the graphic novel ‘Under a Slowly Spinning Sun’. This period of self publishing is where the 'Aporia Press' name comes from.

In 2003, I shifted my artistic focus from writing and drawing indie comic books back to making paintings, having been sucked back in by the messy joys of paint and colour. I have since expanded my subject matter from Canadian landscapes and Canadiana to include hot air balloons, fish, robots, and a host of other things. I am very happy to know that my paintings are out there in the world bringing their arty goodness into the lives of those who come in contact with them.

Here's a PDF version of my CV: Marcel's CV

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I'm also on Twitter: Marcel on Twitter and Instagram: Marcel's works in progress and other studio mishaps and Google+: Marcel on Google+

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